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Rimac the best employer in Croatia

By  HINA Dec 09, 2018

Electric hypercar manufacturer Rimac Automobili, logistics provider DHL and software company Mediatoolkit were voted best employers in Croatia in 2018 in a survey conducted by the MojPosao job search website.

Rimac Automobili was voted best in the category of large companies, DHL as a medium-sized company, while Mediatoolkit was the best small company, the survey showed.

The survey was conducted among 86 companies, 44 percent of which were small, 42 percent medium-sized, and 14 percent large companies.

It covered 6,700 employees, mostly in the IT sector, manufacturing, services and retail.

The survey also measured employee engagement, showing that 24 percent of respondents were committed to their work, 68 percent were not committed, while eight percent were unmotivated.

In the category of large companies, German cosmetics retailer dm-drogerie markt finished second and German shoe retail chain Deichmann third.

In the category of medium-sized companies, design and development agency Infinum placed second and Nova Rent a Car third, while among small companies system integration service Integracija Od-Do and software developer Syskit finished second and third respectively.

The overall rating of all the companies involved in the survey was 3.1 out of 4.

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