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Numbers confirm: Croatia is having an amazing year

By  Dec 07, 2018

According to eVisitor's data, which shows the tourist traffic during November, almost 380,000 arrivals and 955,000 overnight stays were realized in Croatia, which represents a growth of 20 percent compared to the same month last year in arrivals and 5 percent in overnight stays.

Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli emphasized that good results are here because of a deliberate strategy.
-We are approaching the end of the calendar year and we can be proud of our year-round tourist year marked by a positive trend of tourist traffic accompanied by indicators of tourist spending - realized income. That is the of our thoughtful tourist policy of responsible and sustainable tourism that will play an important role in our future plans and the Tourism Development Strategy by 2025, the creation of which we are launching. Attractive tourist offer is especially enriched during this holiday season with popular and well-attended events of Advent, which additionally attract guests from all over the world, but also encourage domestic traffic - said Minister Cappelli.

-We look forward to the growth of the tourist traffic we have maintained during these winter months. We are expecting a very positive influence of the Advent period on the entire tourist year, and for this reason, we are currently implementing a special promotional Advent campaigns on eight key European markets, including Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, France, Hungary and Great Britain. In addition to Advent, which is one of the key motifs of arrivals in the winter period, we are also focusing on other tourist products, so a promotional business tourism campaign is under way to extend the season, - said Croatian Tourist Board Director Kristjan Stanicic, announcing the upcoming launch of a promotional campaign for nautical tourism that will be implemented by mid-January next year at nine European markets.

During November, most of the overnight stays were realized in Zagreb (166,000) and in Istria (149,000). Kvarner is following with 132,000 overnight stays in November and so does the Split-Dalmatia County with 120,000. In the County of Dubrovnik-Neretva there were 97,000 overnight stays, Zadar 87,000, while in Sibenik-Knin county 35,000 were realized. On the continent, not counting Zagreb, most of the overnight stays were realized in Krapina-Zagorje (27,000), Osijek Baranja (18,000), Vukovar-Srijem (14,000) and in Medimurje and Varazdin County where 13,000 nights were spent.

The top markets with the largest number of overnight stays in November were Slovenia, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Italy, Korea and the United States, while the top destinations with most nights spent are Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Opatija, Split and Rovinj.


In the period from January to the end of November, there were 19.4 million arrivals (+ 6 percent) and 105.2 million overnight stays (+ 4 percent). F oreign tourists realized 17.3 million arrivals (+ 6 percent) and 92.6 million overnight stays (+ 4 percent), while domestic tourists recorded 9% percent more arrivals and 5 percent in overnight stays.

During the eleven months, most of the overnight stays were realized in Istria (28.3 million), while in the Split-Dalmatia County there were 19.8 million overnight stays and18.9 million overnight stays were realized in Kvarner. Next is the Zadar County with 14.5 million overnight stays and the Dubrovnik-Neretva County with 8.8 million overnight stays. In Sibenik-Knin County 7.1 million nights were spent, in Lika-Senj 3.3 million overnight stays, and in Zagreb 2.3 million overnight stays were realized. On the continent, not including Zagreb, most of the overnight stays were realized in Karlovac (611,000), Krapina-Zagorje (323,000), Zagreb County (191,000), Osijek-Baranja (188,000) and Medimurje County (176,000).

At the national level, during the first eleven months, most of the overnight stays came from the markets of Germany (21.1 million), Slovenia (10.5 million), Austria (7.7 million), Poland (6.3 million) and the Czech Republic (5.5 million), and top destinations on the basis of overnight stays are Dubrovnik, Rovinj, Poreč, Split and Medulin.

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