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Grandma (75) and grandson (20) from Bjelovar arrested for ordering drugs from Germany with the plan to sell it further

By  Dec 06, 2018

Weird case has been all over the media in Croatia. Grandma (75) and grandson (20) in Bjelovar were arrested because of ordering drugs with the plan to sell it. 

Grandson was arrested and handed over to the detention supervisor, while his grandmother was released – 24 sata reports. They are both from Bjelovar and have, according to a police release, ordered a certain amount of drugs from Germany on one Internet platform, which they picked up on Monday in the Bjelovar Post Office.

The package had 1534 grams of narcotic drug amphetamine (speed) and 1023 ecstasy tablets that weighed about 510 grams. They planned to sell the drug further on the market. When searching the apartment, the police found a notebook and cell phones that were used when ordering drugs.

It's still unknown if grandma was aware of the order or she thought that it was something else.


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