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Over half of Croatian business people see unchanged future in 2019

By  Dec 06, 2018

According to a survey carried out by the agency Promocija Plus over half of directors in Croatia don’t expect an upturn in the country’s financial situation in 2019. In total 432 company owners, directors and senior executives were asked on the future of Croatia’s economy for next year and 51 percent stated that they expected no change.

Only a meagre 34 percent said that 2019 would see an economic improvement in Croatia which somewhat reflects the mood of business people in the country. Only 5 percent of those polled see the situation in the outgoing year as excellent, while the same amount describe it as extremely bad.

From a scale of 1 to 5 the majority of business leaders gave the financial situation a score of only 3.01. The General Director of the Croatian Employers Association stated that this result was due to high taxes of businesses, inefficient public administration, poor judiciary, non-fiscal tariffs, and labour legislation as well as corruption and labour shortages as main barriers to doing business, and added the government needs to launch reforms to remove those obstacles as soon as possible.

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