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Tribute to David Bowie exhibition in Rijeka

By  May 22, 2016

This weekend the Livingstone Association and the Rijeka City Department of Culture organized a photo exhibition and live performances called ''Farewell my Hero'' as a tribute to the recently deceased world famous singer and artist, David Bowie.

The exhibition is a multimedia story about David Bowie told through the lenses of the “musical photographer” and rock' n' roll fan Brian Rasic also known as an official photographer of the Rolling Stones. This photography master and his camera were friends with Bowie for more than two decades from 1983 to 2005. His role in the visual communication with one of the biggest world known musical performers has great potential in revealing the enigma called David Bowie.

''Rock' n' roll music was a channel of subversion; it wasn't accessible and omnipresent like today. Bowie 'caught' frequency of personal motives: ''I wanted to be a musician because it looked rebellious, it was subversive and I felt that was the only way for me to make changes''. Walking on the 'dark' side of the road was actually a constant change for the artist and a rule that the rules are here to be broken. In a quest for his own identity he played many character roles, changed his image....He was Ziggy Stardust, android alien, a being of intersexual attributes...Always a showman...'', read the preface of the exhibition.

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