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Yuri Cortez gets mobbed Yuri Cortez gets mobbed Screenshot

Croatian World Cup exploits enter Reuters pictures of the year for 2018

By  Dec 06, 2018

The Reuters list of “Pictures of the Year” for 2018 features an iconic image of Croatian footballers at the World Cup semi-finals in Russia. Just after Croatia had scored against England to take the lead in the semi-finals the players charged into the crowd but on the way they unwittingly knocked over an AFP photographer, Yuri Cortez.

With players celebrating literally on top of him Cortez kept his camera clicking and recorded some amazing images. After the celebrations the players picked up the photographer, dusted him off and apologised for knocking him over.

In fact, Yuri Cortez took on a cult status in Croatia after the incident and the Croatian National Tourist Board paid for him and his family to come over from Mexico to Croatia for a seven-day holiday. And The Dubrovnik Times caught up with him during his visit to our city. 

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