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Safe Tourist Season in Croatia

By  May 20, 2016

The summer season in Croatia has already begun and the security of guests is among high priorities of the Croatian Police. Therefore, the Croatian Ministry of the Interior will implement the project called ''Safe tourist season'' for the eleventh year in a row in order to maintain security level and provide quality service to guests during the summer season.

This year 18 police organizations from 17 European countries will participate in this project. Apart from Croatia there are Albany, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Czech Republic, France, Kosovo, Hungary, Macedonia, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Italy and Ukraine. Starting on the 1st of July until the 1st of September 360 Croatian police officers and their 73 European colleagues will provide security to all tourists who intend to visit the Adriatic this year.

Foreign police officers will certainly contribute significantly to a greater sense of security and safety of foreign tourists and domestic as well. They will wear their usual uniforms but will not be armed. In cooperation with the Croatian police foreign police officers will help to achieve more effective communication with foreign tourists in order to solve eventual conflict situations and prevent misdemeanour and punishable acts. Also they will help to improve traffic safety and provide service information for foreign tourists.

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