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Croatian honey to get the special national jar

Written by  Nov 26, 2018

Domestic honey packaged in a national honey jar will soon be on the shelves of Croatian stores! The user (beekeeper) is obliged to fill the purchased national jar exclusively with honey of Croatian origin. Those who don’t respect that rule will be forbidden to continue purchasing and using jars for a period of two years, and their identity will be published. 

Honey placed in the national jar, whewhen placed on the market must meet the quality standards laid down in the Honey Directives, honey must be declared, marked with a manufacturer's label with the mandatory indication "country of origin: Croatia". Each national jar must also be marked with the sign "Med hrvatskih pcelinjaka", which also includes a unique number by which consumers can check the origin of honey.

- The average consumption of honey per capita in Croatia is two kilograms, and 8 thousand beekeepers with 450,000 bee communities annually produce more than 9,000 tons of honey. In a free market like ours, honey from around the world can also be found. But how do you recognize the Croatian honey in this offer? Although we constantly remind consumers to read the declarations and be informed before buying, soon any doubt on the origin of honey will be eliminated because the national honey jam will be easily recognizable. The beekeepers once again demonstrated that good organization and cooperation give excellent results - said Deputy Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister Tomislav Tolusic.

The design of the national jar of honey has been commissioned by the Croatian beekeeping association, which is also the holder of industrial design, and the jar is made in four dimensions:

· 720 mL - 900 grams
· 580 mL - 720 grams
· 370 mL - 450 grams
· 210 mL - 250 grams

Honey in a 370 ml bottle will also be used to promote the product in schools within the School Honey Day, which will be marked on December 7th by a symbolic giweaway of the jars to the first graders all over the country.

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