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Supermarket business in Croatia having a boom period

Written by  May 20, 2016

According to data from the Croatian Financial Agency (FINA) the top ten commercial retail chains in Croatia generated an income of 35.4 billion Kuna in 2015. The leaders in the top ten group were and still are Konzum, Plodine and Lidl. Obviously encouraged by the recovery of the retail market and a record tourist season seven out of ten leading retailers had an increase of little more than 10% last year. After merging with the supermarket chain Mercator in 2015 Konzum reached 14.94 billion Kuna of income, almost 1.5 billion Kuna more in comparison with 2014.

Plodine the commercial retail chain from Rijeka successfully increased its income by 10% last year and managed to hold its position as the second largest commercial retail chain in Croatia. The third position is reserved for Lidl from Germany which has been growing very fast. Only last year Lidl increased its income by 11.5%. Apart from Lidl the real strength of Schwartz group from Germany is even more visible with Kaufland in the market. Although with little less income and a modest increase of 6.2 %, Kaufland managed to avoid operating 'in the red' in 2015. SPAR from Austria Spar Group is one of the commercial retail chains which also recorded growth in the Croatian market. Even though it had the biggest increase of income by 14.6% in 2015 Spar is still operating 'in the red'.

FINA's data of company’s financial reports show that even smaller Croatian commercial retail chains managed not only to survive among foreign retail giants but to strengthen their position in the market. The most successful were ''retailers from Dalmatia'', Tommy from Split and Studenac from Omiš. Obviously they managed to take advantage of the tourism growth and consumption.

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