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Coats and umbrellas in Dubrovnik in May Coats and umbrellas in Dubrovnik in May Tonci Plazibat

Is this the coldest ever start to May in Croatia?

Written by  May 18, 2016

May is traditionally a very warm month of the year with pleasant temperatures and sunny days but this year it is colder than average. According to the weather data the first half of May was much colder than average in the Mediterranean and Southeast Europe. Just to remind you, last year we had summer temperatures over 30°C in some parts of Croatia already in May.

This heat wave in the coastline region brought a real summer to the continental regions. But apart from this incredible warm weather cities in the continent had one more problem to fight with – mosquitoes! There were swarms of these little summer pests which are usually not frequent at this time of the year. On the other hand, last year also brought some cold weather with heavy rain that chilled the air and temperatures plummeted to only 10°C.

According to the weather data three years ago Croatia measured the lowest air temperature in May at St Jure peak (the Biokovo mountain), only -3°C whilst at Zavižan (the Velebit mountain)the temperature was -2°C. All regions in Croatia measured air temperatures much lower than average for that time of the year. For instance, the highest air temperature of 13°C was measured in Dubrovnik but Split measured only 8.6°C on the 26th of May what was 2.1°C lower than the lowest daily minimum ever measured in Croatia since 1991.

We can only hope that the bad weather is behind us now and expect a nice and pleasant summer.

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