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Andrej Plenkovic Andrej Plenkovic

Croatia will adopt the Euro and the Prime Minister believes that a referendum is not required

By  Nov 15, 2018

The date when Croatia will adopt the Euro may not yet be known but the fact that at some point in time the Kuna will be dumped for the European currency isn’t under question. And the people will not be asked, in the form of a referendum, whether they are happy to change currencies, at least according to the latest statement from the Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković.

In the words of the Prime Minister a referendum for the introduction of the Euro has already been held when a referendum on Croatia’s accession into the European Union. However, quite plainly, this wasn’t the question on the voting ballots in the referendum the Prime Minister is convinced that when citizens voted yes to join the EU that the automatically also signed up for all the other EU treaties and projects.

Responding to a journalist's request on a referendum on introducing the Euro, the Prime Minister said it had already been resolved. "When we had a referendum on Croatia's accession to the European Union, we voted on the Accession Treaty. The Accession Treaty states that Croatia will join the European area," commented said Plenković.

Responding to the journalist's inquiry into Croatia's prospects of entering the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM II) by 2020, the Prime Minister said that we have good indicators in meeting the Maastricht criteria, we have a strategy for introducing the Euro, a letter is being prepared by the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Croatia National Bank regarding the steps we will take to enter the exchange rate mechanism, which is a prerequisite for membership in the European area.

When asked about the dilemma whether the introduction of the Euro and the renunciation of a part of sovereignty, the Prime Minister pointed out that "the European Union is engaged in the bringing together sovereignties and thereby strengthening all countries in the European project".

"The Euro is one of the strongest integrators. Our goal is clearly clear and strategically determined by a referendum confirmed and accepted in the accession negotiations and the accession itself. It is all part of the European project process which, since 1990, governments, all the parliaments and all the leaders have backed. There is no dilemma, this is the policy of continuity and it is in the interest of Croatia," concluded Prime Minister Plenković.

As a former MEP the Prime Minister is a firm supporter of the European Union and is unlikely to push back or challenge EU directives. A Brexit situation in Croatia is unlikely to occur with Plenković at the helm of the government.

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