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Pay gap between men and women in Croatia

By  Nov 09, 2018

The James Brown classic seems to be true in Croatia – it is a man’s world. According to a recent survey men earn much more than women on an annual basis. The European Project – Equal Rights Equal Pay Equal Pensions, whose goals are to achieve gender equality and fight poverty in Croatia, was presented in Zagreb this week and one of the shocking statistics was the gap in pay equality.

In 2015 men in Croatia earned on average €1,550 a year than women. The average gross monthly wage in Croatia in 2015 was some 7,500 kuna (€1,000) for women and 8,400 (€1,130) for men, which means that women received on average 88.7 percent of the wages men received that year.

Of course the fact that men receive larger salaries in general than women also means that women receive lower pensions, this can quite easily lead to financial dependence on husbands.

As part of the project, an in-depth study of the situation will be carried out at national level, educational programmes will be designed, workshops will be held in four cities and a national legislative framework for equal pay and pensions is expected to be drawn up.

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