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Winemaker finds a wallet with 100 thousand kuna and quickly returns it to the owner

By  Nov 07, 2018

Anton Kojter, winemaker from Medimurje, found a wallet with 100 thousand kuna at the parking lot in the village of Pleskovac – writes.

The story was firstly published in the week newspaper Medimurje, and it states that Kojter gave the wallet to the police officers, who found the owner really quickly – a young man who didn’t even know he lost it. He had that amount of money because of the car purchase and awarded Kojter with 1000 kuna.

Modest winemaker didn’t want to share the story with the public, but after hearing a lot of stories guessing that he took half of the found amount, he decided to clear things up.

He was happy, he said, helping a young man and did not even think of keeping the money.

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