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Doctors in Croatia to start working immediately after college

By  Nov 06, 2018

Croatian doctors will treat their patients without a day of work experience, right after Faculty of Medicine – starting from next year. Despite the fact that both the students of medicine and the Chamber of Physicians warned that this was a bad solution and that doctors had to be trained after a medical diploma, Croatia abolished the internship – reports.

According to the article, the new Health Care Act from the last week explicitly releases the future doctors from these obligations. So the first generation of graduate doctors who enrolled in medicine in 2013 when Croatia joined the EU will get a license to work immediately after graduation.

- It was agreed a few years ago that there will be no internship and now we see that for some of the students that is not good. That is why we are preparing a solution including couple of months of mandatory internship within two years of graduation, and at the same time they can get a specialization so that people do not wait for jobs - says Minister of Health Milan Kujundzic, as reports.

Nearly 90 percent of students at the faculties of medicine in Zagreb, Osijek and Rijeka have stated that they want an internship, which lasts for a year. The Medical Chamber considers termination of the internship a step backward in the structure of professional training of doctors because it does not provide the necessary safety start of the health care.

As stated in the article, in Austria, doctors prior to a license pass a three-year internship at the University Hospital. In Germany, a year and a half, in Sweden for 21 months, in Denmark for 18 months… And in Croatia, none.

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