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Less babies born last year than ever before Less babies born last year than ever before

Croatia’s population continues to shrink

Written by  May 16, 2016

The Croatian population is continuing to fall; year after year the population is slowly but surely shrinking. And according to figures just released the future doesn’t look that bright either. According to statistics from the Croatian Institute of Public Health last year 37,500 children were born, which is the least number since statistics have been kept and approximately 2,000 children less than in 2014.

This data unpleasantly surprised the professional public. In other words, the preliminary data of the Central Bureau of Statistics showed that the number of babies born in the country fell below 39,000 for the first time in history. This new data is considered by experts as an alarm for the demographic picture of Croatia, and nobody expected such a decline of the birth rate.

Ivan Čipin a doctor from the Department of demography at the Zagreb Faculty of Economics and Business says, ''We carried out some demographic projections and anticipated such decline in the number of births but only in the next decade not earlier. According to the projections from Eurostat the number of births wouldn't be less than 40,000 till 2020. But this birth rate decline is obviously going much faster. If these trends continue at this rate then Croatia would probably have less than 4 million people at the next Census.''

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