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Are Croatians using their mobile phones too much?

By  Oct 23, 2018

In Croatia, 90 percent of drivers and 33 percent of cyclists use a mobile phone while driving, and 50 percent of pedestrians cross the road with a view locked on the screen of their smartphones, it’s been published on Tuesday at the conference "We and Our Traffic Gadgets - Problems and Challenges" reports.

The conference, organized by the Croatian Association of Managers of Security (HUMS) in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, was all about worrying statistical data.

As mentioned, in Croatia 90 percent of drivers, 33 percent of cyclists and 50 percent of pedestrians walking and crossing the pedestrian crossing use the mobile phone. Drivers and pedestrians like hypnotized look at the screen of a smartphone which is very dangerous and reduces road traffic safety. Drivers are largely unaware of how mobile phone use is dangerous when driving a vehicle.

Because of these reasons, there is the proposal to change the Traffic Safety Act and increase the financial penalty for the offense. According to experts, the mobile phone is considered to be the fourth killer on the road, and distracted attention by using cell phones is by far the largest of all distractions in traffic.

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