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Top 10 causes of death in Croatia

By  Oct 23, 2018

Last year the number of deaths in Croatia increased, compared to 2016. The statistics of the Croatian Institute for Public Health in 2017 show that there were 53,477 deaths, while the year before there were 51,542 – Slobodna Dalmacija reports.

Many would guess that the increased number of deaths is connected with cancer, but that’s not the case. On the contrary, there’s been a decrease in the number of deceased oncological patients, for the first time in years, and the number was below 14 thousand.

Malignant diseases were the second most common cause of death, and in the first place there were diseases of the circulatory system, of which 23 and a half thousand people died. The third most common cause of death were respiratory diseases (3139) followed by injury and poisoning (2694) and digestive system diseases (2255).

When we look at the diseases individually, as a leading causes of death in Croatia there are heart attack and angina pectoris (11,069 deaths), followed by stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases (6147), and on the third place there are trachea cancer and lung cancer (2994).

There is an increase in deaths of diabetes, from 1889 in 2016 to 2331 in 2017, which is 23 percent more. It seems that the problem is in late detection and poor regulation of diabetes, which cause numerous health complications.

Diabetes rose to fourth place on the list of Croatian ‘’killers’’, while colon cancer fell to fifth (2037 deaths). On the sixth place are deaths due to bronchitis and asthma, which also show an increase, from 1735 in 2016 to 1966 last year, followed by deaths due to heart failure (an increase from 1196 to 1683 deaths).

As the eighth cause of death in Croatia pneumonia has appeared, which in 2016 was not in the rankings of the top 10 "killers", and 992 persons died from it last year. Following are chronic liver disease and cirrhosis (943), and heart and kidney disease caused by high blood pressure (924).

It is significant that from last year's list of 10 leading causes of death, after several years, breast cancer dropped out. The 853 women died last year because of this illness, and the year before there were 1002, which is a 17 percent drop and a pretty large percentage in the one-year period. If such a trend continues, then we will be able to say that public actions and medical appeals are slowly getting results and that women are increasingly doing their check-ups: ultrasound and mammographic examinations and that effective treatment begins on time.

In 2017, no woman died of complications in pregnancy, childbirth or during the period after the birth. Last year there were 2694 violent deaths, including 1962 unfortunate ones, 635 suicides and 51 murders.

The breakdown by sex in 2017 shows that women are more represented in the total number of deaths, especially in the age group over 65, while more men die in the age below 64.

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