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This is where Croatia stands when it comes to salaries in the European Union

By  Oct 19, 2018

When it comes to salaries, among the 28 countries in European Union, Croatia is ranked 21st, with an average monthly net salary of 684 euros (5130 kuna). According to the data of the Institution Économique Molinari in 2017, Luxembourg was the first with 3151 euros, and the last Romania with 321 euros. Behind Croatia on the list are Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania – Vecernji list reports.

The most attractive destinations for economic emigrants are those with average salaries over 2000 euros and in European Union there are 11 countries like that. Market trends have raised the average salary this year, so in July, the median net salary was, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, 5504 kuna, which means that half of the employees had a lower share, and half had higher.. Compared to the same period in 2017, the average net salary is 2.5 percent higher.

The average salaries don’t speak enough about the standard; you can get a bigger picture if you know that Croatian monthly salary is about three times lower than the average of Western Europe, while the prices of most goods and services are pretty much the same, and because of the high VAT even more expensive – Vecernji list reports.

However, the pressure has helped a bit, and although six years of crisis have affected everything, in the last four years, salaries grew about 13 percent. However, that kind of growth some countries, such as Austria, have at an annual level, while in Croatia it is about 1.25 percent annually, and only Slovakia is behind us in the annual growth of salaries.

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