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Almost half of the businesses in Croatia are inactive

Written by  May 13, 2016

According to the figures of the Central Bureau of Statistics for March 2016 slightly more than 45% of the registered businesses in Croatia were inactive while among the active businesses 37.8% of them do not have any employees.

At the end of March this year 244,040 companies, enterprises and cooperatives as well as institutions, bodies and organizations were registered in Croatia. Approximately 54.6% of them were active in that period.

The largest share and the highest activity were seen in trade companies (63% active entities). At the end of March statistics showed that 37.8% of active businesses had no employees.

The largest share of active business entities with one or nine employees was 51.2% whilst the share of active businesses with between 10-49 employees was 8.2%. The share of medium-sized companies with 50-249 employees was 2.3% and only 0.4% were large business entities with more than 250 employees.

The structure of the active registered corporations by ownership types shows that private ownership is the most common in Croatia. By the end of March 81.9% of the registered corporations were in private property and only 0.8% were under the ownership of the state.

According to the CBS figures at the end of March 78.197 business entities were in crafts and free lances.