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Where does Croatia rank on the global tourism spend scale? Screenshot

Where does Croatia rank on the global tourism spend scale?

By  Oct 09, 2018

Just how much do tourists spend in Croatia? And where are we in terms of a global scale? The website has produced a rather interesting world map showing the tourist spend in each country.

“We got the data for our visualization through the World Tourism Organization, an agency in the UN. First, we color-coded each country based on the continent. Then we adjusted the size to correspond to the annual amount tourists spend in each destination in 2017 (US$ B). The WTO defines an expenditure as any amount spent by an international inbound tourist, including things like transportation, goods, and services. In other words, our figures exclude domestic tourism, giving you an accurate snapshot of which countries depend the most (and least) on the international tourism market,” commented the website.

According to this data tourist spent $11 billion in Croatia in 2017. On a regional basis Croatia is in a healthy positon, the spend in neighbouring countries was considerably lower – in Montenegro $2 billion, in Slovenia $3 billion and in Serbia $1 billion.

However, Croatia has some way to go to catch the traditional giants of European tourism – Spain $68 billion, Italy $44 billion and France $61 billion.

Top 10 Countries with the Highest International Tourism Receipts in 2017

1. USA: $211B

2. Spain: $68B

3. France: $61B

4. Thailand: $57B

5. United Kingdom: $51B

6. Italy: $44B

7. Australia: $42B

8. Germany: $40B

9. Macao (China): $36B

10. Japan: $34B