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Croatian bakery opens new store in Oman Mlinar

Croatian bakery opens new store in Oman

By  Oct 06, 2018

Going on holiday to Oman and fancy a burek? The Croatian bakery Mlinar has opened a bakery and café in the capital of Oman, Muskat and are continuing their expansion across the world.

“The new Mlinar Caffe is also open in Muscat, in the Sultanate of Oman, on the south-eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Located in the Muscat Grand Mall, one of the largest shopping centres in Oman. Now visitors and residents will also have the opportunity to taste Croatian bakery products that are already present on numerous world markets,” commented Croatia’s largest bakery chain on their Facebook page.


Mlinar now has bakeries in Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Hungary, Malta, Pakistan, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. And as the leading company in the Croatian bakery industry, Mlinar produces over 170 million products for the domestic and world market per year.

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