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New brand for Vipnet New brand for Vipnet

Croatian mobile operator rebrands to A1

Written by  Oct 01, 2018

One of the largest telecommunications companies in Croatia, Vipnet telecom, has rebranded itself to A1. In a press conference held in Zagreb today the company stated that as of the 1st of October all of the company's clients and services will be using this new brand.

In one single move the telecoms company went from the back of the phone book to the very beginning. Speaking about the reasons for the rebranding after spending 19 years carrying its old name, Vipnet Croatia CEO, Jiri Dvorjancansky, said that the company wished to adapt to its clients' new habits, and needs as well as to new technologies and digital processes on the global market. He failed to mention that the company just climbed the alphabet considerably.

Dvorjancansky added that in the next three years A1 Croatia would invest around €300 million in upgrading network infrastructure and services, and noted that new generation 5G networks were essential for new services which increasingly rely on artificial intelligence, robotisation, and other technologies.

A1 Telekom Austria Group operates in seven countries and provide services for approximately 24 million customers. 

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