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Opposition leader calls for Croatia to leave the European Union

Written by  Oct 01, 2018

Could the newest member of the European Union be following the lead of the UK and leaving just a few years after it joined? If the opposition party “Human Shield” gets into power then Croexit will happen according to their leader Ivan Vilibor Sinic.

"Now those in Europe are very afraid that so-called populists will take over the European Parliament at the next election. We have never seen Europe as a community that will help us when we need help and whom we will help when they need help, but we have seen it as a group of alienated bureaucrats where corporations and banks wield strong influence and where there is very little democracy," commented Sincic for the HINA news agency.

And it isn’t only the EU that Sinic wants to leave, he would also take Croatia out of NATO.

“There is a huge democratic deficit surrounding the European Commission. Europe has huge problems, not only because of migration, but also because of mutual relations, the euro crisis, etc. From Croatia's point of view, Europe has done more damage than good to Croatia. We are a country on Europe's periphery, Europe has got human and economic resources from us and we have got much less in return," he said.

Even though support for Human Shield is growing, especially in and around Zagreb, they currently only have three members in the Croatian parliament and have yet to gain a member of the European Parliament although Sincic commented that they were preparing for the elections in May 2019.

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