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Rimac teams up with Italian car manufacturer in 80 million Euro deal

By  Sep 30, 2018

Croatian electric car technology will be part of the first electric hypercar from the Italian company Automobili Pininfarina. "Rimac is to provide battery and drivetrain expertise, software, and hardware, in a contract worth up to €80 million, to Automobili Pininfarina in the development of their electric hypercar, the PF0," Rimac Automobili commented said on Friday.

The car that will be built in cooperation with Rimac, is the first Pininfarina signature vehicle, and will be revealed in 2019, the announcement said.

Rimac noted that "the contract marks a significant step for both parties, as Automobili Pininfarina secures an innovative, successful and highly proficient technical partner, whilst Rimac partners with an iconic brand and secures their first full-system series production automotive supply contract."

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