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Engrave a dolphin on your bracelet and help save the oceans Break Time Croatia

Engrave a dolphin on your bracelet and help save the oceans

By  Sep 30, 2018

Break Time Croatia has teamed up with one of the world’s largest marine research institutes in a very worthy cause and you can get involved.

When someone places an order for a Sailor, Trogir, Istria or Adriatica nautical bracelet in our online shop, they can choose to engrave one of the marine animals that Blue World is working with: dolphin, sperm whale, sea turtle, shark or giant devil ray and we will donate 100% of the engraving price (minus the VAT) to the Blue World Institute.

“We are very proud and happy to announce our cooperation with the Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation (BWI), a prestigious organization that works to protect the marine environment in the Adriatic Sea,” commented Break Time Croatia.

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The Blue World Institute operates three programmes – research, education, and conservation. Their research focuses mainly on large marine vertebrates (dolphins and sperm whales, sea turtles, sharks and giant devil rays). BWI works from the Adriatic islands of Lošinj, Murter and Vis, with the local communities, and collaborate nationally, regionally and internationally to advance sustainable marine management and environmental sustainability in the Mediterranean Basin.

Engrave a dolphin, whale, shark, sea turtle or devil ray on your new Break Time nautical bracelet and help preserve marine life in the Adriatic Sea!

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