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Croatian state institutions to spend 40 million on new fleet of cars

By  Sep 23, 2018

The Croatia government is set to spend a whopping 40 million Kunas, or around 5.3 million Euros, on updating and renovating of the fleet of cars used by the various state institutions. The framework for leasing a number of cars for a period of 60 months for 23 state institutions will cost the tax payer a healthy 40 million.

According to the Croatian newspaper Vecernji List the government is looking to procure 188 lower middle class cars, 69 middle class vehicles, and nine high-class class cars. There are also six SUV’s, three light-duty combo vehicles, four light-duty vehicles, seven vans and three combined vehicles for eight passengers.

The vehicles are to be procured for 14 different ministries, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Ministry of Health. However, it isn’t only the ministers and ministries that are forking out for new vehicles, various other state institutions, from the National Geodetic Administration, the National Hydro Meteorological Institute, the State Metrology Institute and the Central Bureau of Statistics are also list on the list of institutions that will renew their fleet.

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