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Croatians mostly die from circulatory system diseases and cancer

By  Sep 21, 2018

In 2017, a total of 53,477 in Croatia, and the most common cause of death were the circulatory system diseases, of which 23 and a half thousand people died, while malignant diseases were the second most common cause of death, of which around 14 thousand people died – Tportal reports.

The third most common cause of death were respiratory diseases (3139) followed by injuries and poisoning (2694) and digestive system diseases (2255), data from the Croatian Public Health Institute shows.

Most people died of ischemic heart disease (11,069) and cerebrovascular disease (6147) followed by bronchi and lung cancer (2994) and diabetes (2331). Compared to 2016, the place on the list for diabetes has changed, which is now the fourth cause of death, while fifth is the colon cancer.

The incidence of heart failure, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis also increased, while death from hypertension or high pressure is at tenth place. Compared with 2016, pneumonia is an addition to the top ten causes of death.

In 2017, no woman died of complications in pregnancy or birth.

When it comes to sex, the data from 2017 shows that women are more represented in the total number of deaths, especially in the age group over 65, while men die more in the age of 64 years and less.

Last year there were 2694 violent deaths, including 1962 unfortunate deaths, and 635 suicides and 51 murders.

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