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The sexiest Croatian chef to cook on 24Kitchen All photos from Instagram profile by David Skoko

The sexiest Croatian chef to cook on 24Kitchen

By  Sep 19, 2018

David Skoko, known as the sexiest Croatian chef, will also be the first Croatian chef who will have his show at 24Kitchen channel – it's published by

- This is the culmination of my television career and the accomplishment of the craziest dreams. In the region there are already several shows with chefs from Serbia and Slovenia, and I think it is now the right time for the Croatian show. We've been cooking this for a while, now we're ready for serving – Skoko said for the exclusive interview for Story.

This good looking chef is well-known to the Croatian audience and is also active on his official Instagram profile, where his fans enjoy his chef skills as well as his good looks. He's now followed by almost 6000 people, but we are pretty sure that that number will go up as soon his show is aired on one of the most famous food channels.

24Kitchen is the lifestyle channel dedicated to food that goes beyond cooking. Developed by Fox International Channels Europe, the channel targets an audience from all ages, interested in improving their cooking skills at an easy way. Through an inspired and entertaining local and international food programming, committed to encourage people to enjoy healthy recipes and responsible eating, 24Kitchen shows the best international chefs but also empowers the local production and the local talents.