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Smart payment cards on the rise Smart payment cards on the rise

Do you pay for your coffee with cash or do you wave a card?

By  Sep 18, 2018

One of every two transactions in European stores is made with contactless technology as this electronic form of payment continues to spread. New research from MasterCard have shown that the growth is also strong in Croatia. In the first eight months of 2018 the amount of payments paid for with contactless cards has increased by a massive 90 percent compared to the same period from last year.

In Croatia, 54 percent of transactions in August this year were inextricably linked, Mastercard said, and cited Poland as the absolute leader of this trend with over 80% of contactless transactions in 2018.

"These results clearly show that Europe is a leader in a contactless revolution. In addition to ease of use and convenience, users are looking for security and protection when it comes to payment technology. With the increase in the use of contactless payment methods, confidence is growing, so more and more users feel that contactless technology is as safe or safer than classic forms of payment," said Sanja Žigić, MasterCard Director in Croatia.

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