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Croatia wins bronze and Dubrovnik MVP in IV Balkan Bowl

By  Sep 15, 2018

Croatia secured the bronze medal at the IV Balkan Bowl in Sombor with two players from the Dubrovnik Sharks starring in the tournament. This was the fourth time that the Balkan Bowl Tournament in the flag version of American Football has been held and national teams from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and an All Star North all took part in the tournament that kicked off at today at 11.00 in the PIK Stadium.


The Croatian National team had two Dubrovnik Shark stars in the line-up, Marko Miletić and Lujo Domaćin, as well as players from Osijek Cannons, Bjelovar Greenhorns, Zaprešić Saints, Karlovac Dukes and Split Sea Wolves.

Croatia picked up the bronze medal after defeating the All Star North team and Bulgaria. Serbia won the gold medal after winning all their matches, with Slovenia taking the silver.

Speaking to The Dubrovnik Times, Marko Miletić commented that “Playing for the national team of your sport in any way is the biggest honour that I can feel as a player. We played well, and gave our best and take a proud bronze home, knowing there is room to improve. I'm especially honoured to be named MVP of the tournament and see my hard work pay off.”

1. round
Slovenia vs Croatia 44-19 (19-12)
Bulgaria vs Serbia 0-49 (0-21)
2. round
Slovenia vs Bulgaria 39-6 (20-0)
Serbia vs All Star North 43-0 (22-0)
3. round
All Star North vs Slovenia 6-48 (6-34)
Bulgaria vs Croatia 0-53 (0-28)
4. round
Croatia vs All Star North 28-0 (14-0)
Slovenia vs Serbia 20-28 (18-20)
5. round
All Star North vs Bulgaria 13-0 (6-0)
Serbia vs Croatia 52-19 (33-19)


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