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Croatia loses a city the size of Dubrovnik in just one year

By  Sep 14, 2018

Croatia’s population is ever decreasing and there are now an estimated 4,124,531 citizens. The State Statistics Bureau released figures today showing that from 2016 to 2017 the population dropped by almost 50,000, or more people than live in Dubrovnik.

Apart from Zagreb and western Istria every county in Croatia saw their population figure drop, and now the country has 1.2 percent less citizens than 2016.

Somewhat unsurprisingly the Slavonia region was the worst hit with some counties showing a massive 4 percent drop in population. Many people from this agricultural region of Croatia have emigrated to other EU member states in search of a better financial future. Whilst the drop along the coastline was less sharp thank manly to the employment possibilities of the tourism industry.

Men account for 48 percent of the population and women 52 percent, meaning there are 1,99 million men and 2.13 million females.

And the future certainly doesn’t look promising as Croatia has one of the oldest populations in the European Union. The average age of men in the country is 41.3 whilst women come in at an average of 44.8.

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