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Croatian business agrees with EU on abolishing daylight saving time

By  Sep 14, 2018

It isn’t only the citizens of the European Union who are in favour of stopping daylight saving time, according to a survey by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce 90 percent of companies in the country are also in favour of ending the altering of clocks in the spring and autumn. The vast majority of companies would prefer that Croatia adopts summer time all year-round.

Almost 600 businesses were questioned for their views on stopping daylight saving time, a practice that has been in place in the country since 1983. And similar to the EU survey in which over 4 million people took part, they answered that changing the clocks has a negative effect on people’s health, also on energy saving and that moving the clocks makes them out of line with other international partners.

Daylight saving was first adopted during the First World War in the UK to give factories extra daylight to work in. It was introduced by European governments at the beginning of the 1980s to save on energy costs. Research has shown that the time change negatively affects people’s sleep patterns, especially with the elderly.

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