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US Ambassador Robert Kohorst US Ambassador Robert Kohorst

US investment is waiting for Croatia to simplify entry

By  Sep 12, 2018

“The US has a huge amount of capital that is waiting for investment somewhere in the world where it is profitable. You cannot tell American companies to come to Croatia. They will come when there is a chance," commented the US Ambassador to Croatia, Robert Kohorst, on Wednesday at the seminar Advancing Entrepreneurship in Croatia at the Zagreb School of Economics.

For the development of the business climate in Croatia there are, according to the Ambassador, some key elements that need to be in place, improvement of the judiciary system, a reduction of bureaucracy, a simplification of the tax system and more predictability with government.

He added that a huge amount of US capital is awaiting investment somewhere in the world where it is profitable and hoped that many US entrepreneurs will find opportunities for business in Croatia but that the government must facilitate business. "The government needs to simplify its business to make capital feel more welcome," Kohorst said.

When asked about prior investment opportunities that failed he concluded "Do not let your failure discourage you, learn something out of it, and move on."

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