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Is an end to daylight saving throughout the EU a possibility?

By  Sep 12, 2018

The days of moving your forward in the spring and an hour backwards in the autumn could well be over after the European Commission released the findings of a survey that revealed the vast majority of EU citizens are against it.

4.6 million people across Europe responded to the survey asking whether daylight saving time should be stopped and an overwhelming 84 percent said yes.

Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker commented that “The people want this; we will do this.”

Now the proposal will be debated by the EU commissioners and then the national governments of the member states.

Daylight saving was first adopted during the First World War in the UK to give factories extra daylight to work in. It was introduced by European governments at the beginning of the 1980s to save on energy costs. Research has shown that the time change negatively affects people’s sleep patterns, especially with the elderly.

Although the EU put forward a proposal that each member state decide whether to cancel daylight saving time this would seriously impact on the coordination of business.

If the EU decide to stop daylight saving time they won’t be the first to do so, already Russia, Iceland and Turkey have stopped the practice.

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