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Long-term rental prices across Croatia skyrocket

By  Sep 10, 2018

Looking to rent long-term in Croatia, well you’re going to need to dig deeper in your pockets. According to a report by the publication Poslovni Dnevnik the price of long-term renting in Croatia has skyrocketed in recent years. Compared to last year rents are up to 30 percent more expensive, with all the cities along the coastline jumping the most. A combination of apartments being rented to tourists and real estate sold to foreign buyers has made simply finding a place to rent near impossible, and when you do be prepared to pay significantly more than before.

"Flats for year-round rent are very difficult to find, it's mostly only for the period from October to June, when owners start doing short-term rents to tourists. So only students can rent, as the off-season suits them, and families have huge problems as they get kicked out of their flats when the summer season starts," commented a real estate agent in Zadar for Poslovni Dnevnik. And it this same situation is happening in Dubrovnik. Apartment owners are seeking the obvious financial benefits of renting to tourists than the long-term security of renting. An average two-bedroom apartment in Dubrovnik will cost upwards of 600 Euros a month with larger ones starting at around 800 Euros.

Research assistant Marina Tkalec at Zagreb's Faculty of Economy pointed out that the rise in rent and real estate prices can have multiple economic and social effects, as not only these shoot up the price of living in cities, they also affect personal choices people make in terms of education and employment.

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