Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Journalist throws bucket of faeces at Croatian government building

By  Aug 21, 2018

A freelance journalist threw a bucket load of faeces at the entrance of the government building in the centre of the Croatian capital Zagreb today. The journalist, Iva Anzulovic, was apparently protesting against a lack of real fight against crime and corruption in the country, according to a post on her Facebook page.

Anzulovic was escorted from the scene by the police. And it turns out that this isn’t the first time that she has carried out this kind of protest. On the 8th of August she did exactly the same thing in front of the building of the State Prosecutor, as act that was reported as a misdemeanour.

"I will throw faeces at anyone who has been proven a criminal in journalists' articles. Starting today, nobody that has been proven to have behaved criminally by a reporter will feel safe in public - and this goes for institutions as well - because they will never know when, where, or how I might throw faeces at them," she said.

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