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The profile of the guests visiting Croatia changes

By  Aug 14, 2018

According to the latest research conducted by the Institute for Tourism, the largest number of people arriving in Croatia are coming by car, 64 percent of them. If we add the vehicles that have accommodation capacities, that share is significantly higher, up to 79 percent. Around 14 percent of guests visit Croatia by airplane, but it should be said that this percentage is growing and it is 3 percentage points higher than a few years ago. The number of those arriving by bus is relatively small - it is 4 percent – HRT reports.

The data shows that Croatia is still getting more and more middle and higher education visitors, and what is ultimately even more important to all those who are engaged in tourism, and of course for the state, is the fact that we have more and more well situated guest. According to this research, the dominant category of guests coming to Croatia, which is 40 percent, are households with monthly income of three thousand euro and more. Three years ago, this was only 26 percent so with the improvement of the tourist offer it can be expected a significantly better out-pansion consumption.

Behind us is one of the busiest weekends of the year when it comes to traffic. However, bigger crowds are left out, suggesting that people are beginning to change habits, so traffic is gaining momentum throughout the week – it’s written by the HRT.

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