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Zlatko Dalić irons out problems with President and stays in the role

By  Aug 11, 2018

Zlatko Dalić will continue is his role as the coach of the Croatian national football team. There had been some speculation that Dalić (51) would walk away from the role after taking Croatia to the silver medal in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. However, after meeting with the president of the Croatian Football Association, Davor Šuker, this week in Novi Vindolski he has decided to continue in the position.

“It was nice to remember all those beautiful moments from the World Cup with Zlatko, and the silver medal was proof that everyone who was involved done a top job. I am glad we openly discussed what could be better in the future and that together we will fight for new victories,” commented Suker after the meeting.

And it was clear that Dalić had had some reservations about his relationship with the president in the past. “It was important to talk openly with the president about topics and I thank Davor for understanding what I thought were not correct. I hope that we have sorted all those things out and I look forward to the new challenges ahead,” concluded Dalić.

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