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Croatia ranked 40th when it comes to national well-being

By  Aug 10, 2018

The Boston Cousulting Group (BCD) has recently published 2018 world report - Sustainable Economic Development Assessment Rankings and Croatia has been ranked 40th with the score 64.5.

In 2012, The Boston Consulting Group proposed SEDA as a new way to measure well-being. SEDA is primarily an objective measure (combining data on outcomes, such as in health and education, with quasi-objective data, such as governance assessments). It is also a relative measure that assesses how a country performs in comparison to either the entire universe of countries or to individual peers or groups. SEDA offers a current snapshot as well as a measure of progress over time, and it complements purely economic indicators like GDP.

SEDA does not include purely subjective measures. Other metrics based on subjective measures—such as the ones used in the World Happiness Report—offer valuable complementary, but separate, insights.

-Using indicators from publicly available sources, we assess country performance for each dimension. The assessment relies on a total of 40 indicators based on the most recently available data. (For our 2018 analysis, which includes 152 countries, this is generally 2016 data—and, hence, it is worth noting that very recent developments will not be reflected in the analysis.) Each indicator’s measure is normalized on a scale of 0 (the lowest score among the 152 countries) to 100 (the highest). Based on those normalized indicators, a score is calculated for each of the ten dimensions – it's written at the official website.

Ten dimensions are: Environment, Income, Economic stability, Employment, Health, Education, Infrastructure, Equality, Civil society and Governance. Croatia has been ranked great when it comes to Equality (85.5), Economic stability (84.0) and Health (80.9). However, its week spots are Income (30.8) and Employment (45.6). Our country is just above Uruguay and Greece and beneath Cyprus and Kuwait. First three countries are Norway, Switzerland and Iceland. See the full report here.