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Should Croatia clean up their beaches Should Croatia clean up their beaches Pixabay

Should Croatia follow France in banning smoking on beaches?

By  Aug 10, 2018

The French government have brought in measures this year that could well be welcomed in Croatia. Smoking has been completely prohibited on 50 French beaches this summer in a campaign for “smoke free spaces.”

The Ligue Contre le cancer Association launched the campaign and have managed to get the help of local authorities across the country to participate. Apart from public beaches smoking has also been banned in parks and other public outdoor spaces with a total of 29 cities signed up to the initiative.

Nice was the first city to ban smoking on one beach back in 2012, and now there are four such beaches in the city.

Croatia has the unfortunate position of being one of the leading European Union countries in terms of numbers of active smokers. Warnings of packets, bans in restaurants and a hike in prices have done little to lower the number of smokers and quite clearly more proactive measures are required. A ban on smoking on Croatian beaches would not only lower the risk from passive smoking but also help to curb the problem with litter, cigarette butts, polluting Croatia’s greatest natural resource.

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