Thursday, 24 October 2019

Tourism tax in Croatia to rise in 2019

By  Aug 09, 2018

The Croatian government has decided to introduce, as of 2019, a higher tourist tax in the peek season, raising tourist taxes, paid per person per night, in all accommodation facilities except camping sites by approximately 25%. "Even with the proposed increase, Croatia still has the lowest tourist tax of all its peers," Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli said. Under the government's decision, the tourist tax should go up 25% in all accommodation units except camping sites, from HRK 8 to HRK 10 per person per night.

Tourist taxes range, for example, between EUR 0.45 and EUR 2.50 per day in Spain, between EUR 0.20 and EUR 7 in Italy, between EUR 1 and EUR 2 in Portugal, between EUR 0.15 and EUR 3 in Austria, between EUR 0.50 and EUR 4 in Greece, and EUR 2.5 in Slovenia.

In Croatia in 2019, tourist tax at campsites should remain HRK 8 per person per night, while in other accommodation units it will go up.

Last year the Croatian National Tourism Board collected HRK 464 million in tourist taxes.

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