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Huge increase in new car sales in Croatia Huge increase in new car sales in Croatia

New car sales in Croatia go through the roof

By  Aug 08, 2018

The tourism industry in Croatia has many numerous knock-on effects to other businesses. And proof of this can be seen in the number of new cars sold in Croatia so far this year. From January to the end of July an incredible 44,000 new cars were sold in Croatia which is 21 percent more than the same period from last year.

A large majority of these cars were probably bought by rent a car companies in order to cover the massive demand for cars during the summer months. In July alone a massive 5,700 new cars were sold.

The best-selling brand over the first seven months of the year was Volkswagen, with 6,540 cars sold and a 14.8 percent market share. Renault came in second with 4,369 cars sold, and a 9.9 percent market share, while Opel was third with 4,321 cars sold and a 9.8 percent market share.

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