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Croatia Airlines staff to go on strike next week

By  Aug 05, 2018

Staff of the country’s national airline, Croatia Airlines, will go on strike on Wednesday the 8th of August, commented the Croatia Airlines union on Friday.

The pilots, cabin crew and aircraft mechanics will all go on strike starting at 6.00am on Wednesday. The union commented to the press that “We regret that the Prime Minister had failed to fulfil his side of the deal and that we are forced to again announce a strike, on August 8, with the beginning at 6 o’clock in the morning. We want to stress once again that this was the last thing we wanted to do, but since the owners’ representatives failed to act after the last agreement, we unfortunately have no other options.”

In spite of a promise from the Croatian Prime Minister, Andrej Plenkovic, that the concerns the union had over working conditions would be listened to and dealt with the union have still to receive and action.

After receiving assurances from Plenkovic, the union had postponed the strike to allow for a reasonable amount of time for the conditions to be met.

The union is asking for a new collective agreement for their members, as the former agreement expired almost two years ago. They are also demanding an increase in salaries and a reduction of overtime hours.

The company’s current management said that the airline could suffer losses of up to €800,000 a day during the duration of the strike, adding it will also affect nearly 7,000 passengers on just the first day.

The strike could cause chaos in air traffic in the middle of the tourist season. Transport Minister Oleg Butkovic said on Friday that "it will be very difficult for Croatia Airlines to survive the strike."

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