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Average net salary in Zagreb almost 1,000 Euro

By  Aug 04, 2018

The average net salary in Croatia's capital Zagreb was 7,235 Kuna (€979) in April this year, or 5.1 percent up from the same month the year before, the city's statistics bureau commented.

By sector, the highest average salaries in April were in financial services - 11,966 Kuna (€1,619), followed by crude oil and natural gas extraction - 11,259 Kuna (€1,523).

Other sectors with average salaries above 10,000 Kuna were pharmaceuticals (10,772 Kuna, or €1,457), computer and electronics manufacturing (10,134 Kuna or €1,371) and computer programmers (10,124 Kuna or €1,369).

On the other end of the scale, the lowest salaries were in the production of metal - 3,706 Kuna (€501), personal services (3,973 Kuna or €537), and the clothing industry (3,992 or €540).

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