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Big spending Croatian politicians – over 5 million spent in six months

By  Jul 22, 2018

Croatian Members of Parliament managed to spend a whopping 5.1 million Kuna in the first six months of 2018 in addition to their regular salaries. The considerable amount of extra money was spent on rent, daily allowances, airplane tickets, hotel rooms and family separation allowance.

From the 1st of January to the 10th of July MPs spent an incredible 1.7 million Kuna in covering the costs of using their personal vehicles for official purposes, whilst 1.4 million was spent on rent bills and a further 150,000 on household bills.

587,000 was spent on airplane tickets, 483,000 on family separation allowances, 288,000 on tolls, 258,000 on hotels and 142,000 on daily allowances.

For example, Croatian Democratic Union member (HDZ), Ante Bacic, spent 89,488 Kuna in the first six months of this year on extra activities, almost 15,000 Kuna a month in addition to his salary.

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