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Traffic jams expected during the next couple of weekends

By  Jul 20, 2018

- After the end of football euphoria, it’s time for the traffic ones during the weekends – Croatian Auto Club reported. 

Four weekends in front of us will be marked with crowds and frequent traffic jams on our roads. A large number of vehicles that will drive on main roads will come from European countries. Many started their journey on Thursday night and a significant inflow of vehicles to Croatia is expected already today, especially in border crossings and major road directions. The peak of that wave is expected on Saturday, July 21st, all day in both directions, and on Sunday, July 22nd, mainly in return.
In addition to motorized citizens from Western European countries, many Croats will go on the summer vacation to the Adriatic, and that’s why it’s very important to know what you can expect on the roads.

Traffic crowds in the direction to the sea are expected mostly on Saturday from 4 am to 4 pm, while in the direction to the Croatian interior on Sundays from 9. Since these weekends are expected to be really busy, the advice is to avoid starting or ending your trip on Saturdays and Sundays.