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Luka Modric gets name sake in Peru Luka Modric gets name sake in Peru

Luka Modric born in Peru!

By  Jul 19, 2018

The good news promotion surrounding the Croatian success at the 2018 World Cup in Russia just keeps on coming. The exploits of the team seem to have inspired the whole world. At The Dubrovnik Times we have literally been inundated with positive messages for the team and the coaching staff. But this latest story from South America surprised us all.

luka modric peru birth certificate

After Croatia dramatically knocked out England in the semi-finals of the World Cup a family in Peru were so impressed with the Croatian midfield genius and captain that they decided to name their new born son Luka Modric.

France may have won the tournament but Croatia have won the hearts of the whole world.

The family from Cajamarca, a city in the northern Andes in Peru, named their child after Luka Modric and a copy of his birth certificate was posted on Twitter as proof. Apparently there are already 870 people with the name Cristiano Ronaldo in Peru as well as 232 people named Lionel Messi. And now there is one Croatian name – Luka Modric.

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