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By  Jul 16, 2018

The Croatian team has come home to an incredible welcome! The streets and main square of the capital Zagreb were completely packed as the team bus made its way from the airport to the centre to celebrate with the fans.

According to official estimates from the police there were over 450,000 supporters waiting along the streets and when the plane landed the whole country went absolutely crazy. “I haven’t seen scenes like this since Croatia was declared an independent country,” commented one joyous fan. Red and white squares, flags, fireworks and deafening songs awaited the heroes from Russia as they made their way in an open-top bus.

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People had arrived from all four corners of Croatia! They had come by bus, taxi, train and many had walked miles and miles just to get a glimpse of the silver medal winners from the 2018 World Cup.

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As the Croatia Airlines flight carrying the players entered Croatian airspace it was immediately greeted with a warm message of thanks and congratulations from the air traffic controllers. And as it approached Zagreb Airport three Croatia Air force MIG fighters flew alongside the plane. Upon landing the country went wild. The plane was drenched by two firefighting trucks in a shower of water to show their appreciation.

Absolutely incredible scenes and the official coach still hasn’t made it to the centre of Zagreb…more to come later. So far the coach has been driving for more than four hours and is yet to make the normal 20 minutes drive from the airport to the centre of Zagreb. 

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