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Dubrovnik selected by travel professionals as “Once-in-a-lifetime” destination Screenshot

Dubrovnik selected by travel professionals as “Once-in-a-lifetime” destination

By  Jul 16, 2018

Dubrovnik has made it onto another world travel list, this time the aptly named “The World's Best Once-in-a-lifetime Journeys for 2018.” This recognition is particularly important as it was judged by 515 of the world’s leading travel professionals. A massive 2,500 world journeys were evaluated and Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian coastal road came in at a lofty tenth position.

“Sapphire seas, almighty mountains, and historic villages are just a few of the sites to explore during a drive along the scenic Dalmatian Coast of Croatia,” opens the article on Croatia.

Adding that “Croatia is an Eastern European country embraced by a striking coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Made up of more than a thousand islands, its pristine coastline is met with some of the most stunning, deep-blue waters in the world.”

Check out the full article here

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