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Independent Online brings three unusual facts about World Cup finalists Croatia

By  Jul 12, 2018

World media is completely enchanted by Croatia after the semi-finals of the World Cup. Croatia won England 2:1 and made history – this is first time that our country is in the finals! And even though that is a huge thing for football fans, that’s also a huge thing for the promotion of Croatia.

Suddenly, numerous people around the world want to learn more about this little country that made it this far in the World Cup. Foreign media is absolutely full of information about the players, tactics, predictions, but we love those a bit unusual – like that from IOL or Independent Online, news and information website based in South Africa.

They published an article titled 'Three unusual facts about World Cup finalists Croatia', which shows that interest in our country goes further than football.

1. Hum is the world’s smallest town
2. The world-famous dog breed, dalmatians, are originally Croatian
3. A Croatian holds the Guinness World Record of the biggest white truffle

Not something you would expect when opening a World Cup related article, right?

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